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Welcome to Yelo E-Liquid

A big welcome from Yelo E-Liquid! Thank you for visiting our website.

Based in Warrington, North West England. Yelo E-Liquid have one simple goal and that is to produce quality e-liquids for e-cigarettes and other electronic vape devices. We do this by keeping things simple!

All our flavours are designed specifically to be used for e-liquid manufacture! Unlike other Brands of e-liquid imported from abroad.   We only use high quality raw materials that meet our strict control and guidelines for UK e-liquid production. We carefully select our suppliers for all our ingredients. This allows us to produce a controlled high quality product for customer satisfaction and our own great taste!

Whether you're new to e-cigarettes or an experienced user, we have got something for you. Yelo E-Liquid has a growing list of delicious tasting e-liquids to choose from.

We can also supply bulk packs of plain e-liquid to allow you to then add your own flavour, or use it plain with Nicotine as you desire. Custom Base mixes are available on request but may cost more depending on your specific requirements.

How To Use Your Yelo E-Liquid

1) Before you open a bottle of Yelo E-Liquid, shake it first because the ingredients in e-liquid can settle and separate in the bottle.

2) Remove the cap and slowly fill up the cartomizer or atomizer (this is the disposable end or tip that fits onto your electronic cigarette device). Take care not to spill any liquid and wipe up any leaks. New tips may require more e-liquid because they are dry and need to be saturated.

3) Once Enough liquid is added, let the tip (cartomizer or atomizer) stand for a few minutes so that the liquid can saturate the internal fibers. Add more Yelo E-liquid if required.

4) Reassemble your electronic cigarette as the manufactures instructions show.

5) Now your electronic cigarette will be ready to use. Simply press down the button or switch of your electronic cigarette and inhale as usual. Enjoy the flavour of your Yelo E-Liquid.

Remember to store the bottle safely with the lid on tight and away from children and animals.

Copy Protect Yelo E-Liquid 2014 by using or viewing this website and it's content you confirm you are over the age of 18. No responsibility can be placed or imposed on Yelo E-Liquid by purchase or use or misuse of our products


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Ce4 E-Cigarette Shown.

The EGO-Ce4 is helping thousands of people switch everyday. It's an easy to use E-cigarette. The E-cigarette has a battery and Clearomizer for parts. Just fill with e-Liquid and Vape. The Clearomizer can be changed, if you like a flavour range. Standard Volume 1.5ml or the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes in Yelo E-Liquid. A great model for beginners.