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How To Use Your Yelo E-Liquid

1) Before you open a bottle of Yelo E-Liquid, shake it first because the ingredients in e-liquid can settle and separate in the bottle.

2) Remove the cap and slowly fill up the cartomizer or atomizer (this is the disposable end or tip that fits onto your electronic cigarette device). Take care not to spill any liquid and wipe up any leaks. New tips may require more e-liquid because they are dry and need to be saturated.

3) Once Enough liquid is added, let the tip (cartomizer or atomizer) stand for a few minutes so that the liquid can saturate the internal fibers. Add more Yelo E-liquid if required.

4) Reassemble your electronic cigarette as the manufactures instructions show.

5) Now your electronic cigarette will be ready to use. Simply press down the button or switch of your electronic cigarette and inhale as usual. Enjoy the flavour of your Yelo E-Liquid.

Remember to store the bottle safely with the lid on tight and away from children and animals.


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